Cherish your dreams and visions as they are the children of your soul; the blueprints of your ultimate achievements   

-Napoleon Hill




Wellness and Psychological Consulting




What is wellness and how do we create it?  Wellness happens when we are able to create a state of balance and harmony within ourselves.  We all have areas of our lives that need adjusting and I assist clients in identifying these aspects and introduce the steps necessary to bring them into alignment.   When we are in balance we are empowered, stronger and more resilient, thereby enabling us to better face life challenges and increase our ability to take in positive experiences.  


Psychological Consultant


I assist clients in identifying core beliefs and patterns that are in the way of creating what they want.  Our thoughts create our reality, and there are so many layers of conscious and unconscious beliefs and thoughts constantly creating this reality. In order to change our experience of reality is important to bring our dysfunctional thoughts into awareness.   Seeking to resolve these internal conflicts helps us create a space in which we can make the positive changes necessary to reach our potential. 




Business owners




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