Our sorrows and wounds are healed only when we touch them with compassion.
-- Buddha



Holistic Psychotherapy


Holistic Psychotherapy is an integrative approach to the healing process. By integrative I mean that all levels; mental, emotional, physical and spiritual need to be addressed for a successful life. These levels are deeply interconnected and influence each other during the healing process.  I make a commitment to my clients to guide, support and walk with them on their journey of self-discovery and transformation.  So many of us today because of our environment and externally over sensitized lifestyles have become severely out of balance as a whole.  In order to change our external experience we must first change our internal experience, including our beliefs about the world and ourselves. 
Every individual is unique in their goals and challenges and I create treatment plans based on that premise.  I use mindfulness techniques in all treatment plans which I believe is an important process of bringing nonjudgmental awareness to one’s thoughts, experiences and beliefs in order to bring about change and increase one’s capacity for fulfillment.   It has been a passion of mine throughout my life to help people heal and find their own personal power and potential.



Treatment areas include but are not limited to:


Anxiety and Panic


Grief and Loss

Addictive Behaviors

Relationship Difficulties



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