The wound is the place where the light enters you






Energy Healing




The philosophy behind energy healing is that everything in and around us is energy, which is a basic concept in science today.  Therefore, since everything is energetic in nature including our emotions, thoughts and even our physical body all healing ultimately involves energy.  A healer is someone who has trained and learned to tap into this universal energy in order to affect the "human energy field" in positive and powerful ways.  Energy healing is a tool to help bring the body, mind and soul back into balance where healing can occur. As we go through life and experience emotional and physical traumas they get stored energetically in our energy "anatomy".  Sometimes we refer to these emotional and mental patterns as "blocks".  Well that is literally what they become; blocked energy. As a result we may feel stuck and unable to change a negative behavior or thought process.  Energy healing is a method to release trapped fear, pain and trauma that may have become stored in the energy field.  Energy healing is a very gentle yet powerful process and whatever takes place during a session is perfect for the individual and what they are ready to release. There are many styles and approaches today that represent energy healing and I believe each healer has their own unique gifts and abilities that they bring to the process.  I have been an energy healer for twenty years and have learned to expand in many directions as a healer I believe this modality enhances and deepens therapeutic changes that are the focus of any treatment.  I ask you to invite me on your inner journey of self-awareness and personal growth.



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